Leigh Anne Hardy

Leigh Anne

Leigh Anne, Bay Marie, Ruby and Alexis

Leigh Anne Hardy, LMP, SAMP, LAMP, Water Therapist, SplashDog Co-Owner The benefits of an holistic, active and healthy lifestyle have always been important to Leigh Anne. She has spent her life devoted to the care, health and well-being of animals. After years in banking, software and marketing she decided to leave the corporate world behind and fulfill her dreams of working with animals in a way that benefits them mentally, emotionally and physically. She witnessed firsthand how massage helped her horse and dogs feel better and knew she wanted to add it to her holistic lifestyle.

Leigh Anne spends much of her time with her horses and dogs while helping others with their animals. She is also an artist who gets much of her inspiration from our wildlife, her own animals and from the animals she meets. Leigh Anne Hardy graduated with honors from Ashmead College in Everett, WA. She continued her education at Northwest School of Animal Massage in Redmond, WA to receive certification in large and small animal massage.