March 24, 2011

Hello Leigh Anne,

I wanted to thank you for referring Splashdog’s trainer Kim to us; Lucy had her first training session on Saturday and it went incredibly well! Both Phil and I felt really positive about the progress that Lucy made in just one afternoon.

Lucy is a very strong dog with an even stronger-will, and I have always had a hard time walking her on a leash. I have tried using various collars and harnesses to no avail and had pretty much given up walking her myself because it was just too difficult.

After about ten minutes of leash walking and instruction from Kim, Lucy and I were walking together and I wasn’t being dragged along for the ride. I was able to establish that I was the one in charge and that Lucy needed to obey me (yes, I think I was a big part of the problem). Kim was so encouraging and personable with us; we were left feeling confident that we had the tools and the knowledge to continue working with Lucy and to be successful.

Thanks again for recommending her to us!

Elizabeth and Phil

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