Our Canine Gym is now OPEN!!

SplashDog Canine Gym

SplashDog Canine Gym

Our gym is available for private play sessions where you can play with your dog (up to 3 dogs that get along very well per session) using our equipment, or bring your own favorite toy.  We have nearly 900 sq. ft. for you to safely play with and work your dog without distraction from other people or dogs.  We also offer assisted sessions with our Coaches that will work your dogs for you either playing or doing body conditioning work with FitPAWS® canine conditioning equipment.  Our FitPAWS® Coaches are trained by FitPAWS® USA in safe evaluation, and use of equipment to get the most beneficial results for your dogs individual needs.

Contact SplashDog for more information about sessions in our Canine Gym.

We have also added a new private treatment room for Canine Massage and Acupuncture sessions.  Dr. Glover, a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist is available Tuesday and Friday mornings and our Licensed Small Animal Massage Therapists are available during our normal business hours to help your dog feel their best by relieving pain, increasing mobility and reducing stress.  Both massage therapy and acupuncture are great compliments to any other therapies your dog may be receiving or as stand alone therapies.

Training classes are available Tuesday’s and Thursday’s to help you with issues you may need help with or just expanding on training you have already been through.  Our trainers are here to help with most any issue you are concerned about.  Contact us for more information or a consultation.

Coming soon, educational seminars and classes.  SplashDog is partnering with a variety of professionals in the pet world to bring you the information and training you can use throughout the life of your canine companion.  Check our calendar for upcoming events.  We invite you to email us with ideas regarding the type of class or speaker you would be interested in us hosting.

Hope to see you at SplashDog Canine Well Being Center soon! 

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