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Luke, our Dog of the Month

Luke, our Dog of the Month

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Hello SplashDog Friends!

It’s that time of year when the Seattle Pet Expo comes to town. We will be an exhibitor and would love to see you and your dogs. We will be offering Special Show Discounts for our services! Don’t miss this event, lot’s of giveaways and entertainment, not to mention a great representation of the services, products and rescues in our region.

Please visit our booth #419/421 so we can say hello!

We hope to see you there!

Directions to the Seattle Washington State Convention Center


Our goal is to increase our canine friends quality of life by providing a variety of beneficial options. Sessions take place by appointment, in a safe and comforting environment where every soul that enters SplashDog’s door will be treated

with dignity and respect.


Water Therapy Session – a licensed and certified Small Animal Massage Practitioner (SAMP) will consult with you, and in many cases your veterinarian, to create a comprehensive water therapy program to address your dog’s particular needs.

Assisted Swim Session – A trained swim assistant will work in the pool with your dog providing optimal exercise through swimming.

Self Swim – after an hour of instruction by a staff member, you can share the pool with your pup for fun, exercise and health.

Benefits of warm water therapy and swimming:

• Increases mobility
• Builds muscle
• Increases range of motion
• Builds endurance
• Increases flexibility
• Increases balance
• Increases comfort and quality of life

Massage – Our licensed Small Animal Massage Practitioners (SAMP’s) perform therapeutic massage for dogs that may not be suited for water therapy due to illness, anxiety or other health concerns. Your dog is literally in good hands with our Practitioners who have been practicing professionally for more than 8 years each and have continued to study in many areas of canine health and well-being.

Benefits of massage:

• Reduces pain
• Improves circulation
• Enhances health of skin and coat
• Reduces anxiety
• Increases joint flexibility
• Increases self-awareness
• Promotes deeper breathing

Canine Conditioning Sessions – Using special physio-equipment designed especially for dogs our licensed SAMP implements a specific exercise plan for each individual dog based on the type of physical conditioning is needed for their optimal health, strength and mobility.  Balance work on the equipment helps work all muscle groups and increase strength and confidence with very low joint impact.  Most all dogs can benefit and most enjoy their workouts because they are fun!

Other Services

Hospice Swims – Dogs that have enjoyed swimming in their lifetime and are in their final stage of life can find comfort and happiness returning to the water in a warm, calm environment.  We allow their family member(s) to be with them to be close physically and emotionally.  We have a variety of floatation equipment and accessories to help them feel secure and comfortable while in the pool.

Swim Lessons – Not all dogs are natural swimmers even if their breed would indicate that they would be.  Some dogs have confidence issues or body awareness issues that can prevent them from swimming well.  When a dog is not swimming properly they can be in danger of drowning, just as a human would be.  We have taught a wide variety of dogs to swim well and more confidently.  Puppies, adults, fearful, whatever the reason, we will do our very best to help your dog become a good swimmer.

Acupuncture – Cynthia Glover, DVM, MS comes to SplashDog one day a week and practices Acupuncture.  Please visit her website and contact her directly for more information about her services or to book an appointment with her.  http://vet.lunarpoodle.com/LP_vet/In-Home_Vet_Services.html

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