Dugan has had the pleasure of working with JLinn at Splashdog since Early November 2012.  Dugan, our 9 year old Olde English Bulldogge is healing from both a knee surgery and a waging a constant battle with significant joint/arthritis issues that has severely limited his mobility.  Getting Dugan in the pool with JLinn for some ongoing swim therapy has made a significant and visible difference on so many levels. It provides him both physical and mental stimulation that is key to his continued good health.  On occasion, we’ve had to skip a session—and it’s very apparent, when we do so, that it’s time to get him back in the pool. We will never forget that first session with JLinn when he moved all four limbs in unison, pain free through the water. The only distraction for him were his parents—cheering from the pool sidelines. Never thought we would see him do anything like that again—pretty amazing!

Dugan also has severe skin allergies, there have been absolutely no side effects from being in the water on a weekly basis. No concerns or issues what so ever.

Our sincere thanks to JLinn and the Splashdog team for everything you’ve done for Dugan. We can’t thank-you enough!

–Dugan’s Pack (Lori, Trish, Tessa Lou)

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