My pup Sherman, a 3year old Pekingese mix suffered a spinal injury. After a long 12 weeks of recovery we were recommended by our neurologist to try weekly water therapy to build up his back and legs to hopefully prevent another injury.

We were unsure of what to expect on his first visit or if he’d take to it—but it was a great experience. Leigh Anne was so nice and sweet with him and his eyes were rolling back in his head when she massaged him during his session. He was hooked!

Now 11 weeks later he is so much stronger, he kicks hard in the pool and sleeps harder after his “swim classes” as we call them. His confidence has improved and he squeals with excitement as we pull into Splash Dog every Wednesday night! Leigh Anne challenges him every week and every week he improves, we are certain this has helped our little guy immensely and we will be lifelong Splash Doggers.

Thank you Splash Dog,

Dawn and Sherman Ford

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